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Long Distance Moving Company

Long distance moving company

At Armstrong Moving, we understand that the process of relocating isn’t easy – especially to another country, which bring a variety of unexpected challenges. We serve homeowners who need to relocate their entire home and all belongings. Our worldwide moving services are not suited to small moves.

An international moving has many moving parts that can take months to solidify. From the logistics of deciding what to take with you abroad and how to get it there, to finding a new home, to dealing with customs and other extensive travel documents, international moving are massive undertakings. And, on top of the logistics of relocating to a new country, you are also simultaneously tasked with settling in to your new corporate environment.

However, it’s time to put all of your worries aside – Armstrong Moving will take care everything you need to relocate, before, during, and after your move. We handle of all of the logistical details of your moving, including all of the extra details that tend to slip through the cracks so that your moving is entirely stress-free.

By taking care of all of the moving parts on your behalf, we ensure that you’ll have the time and resources to focus on what’s important. Whether you are moving to the USA or a foreign country, we are here to help. We guarantee it will be one of the best decisions you make during your moving.

Professional Movers Toronto

Armstrong Moving is a premium moving company and the go-to resource for corporate executives, professionals, and families who are relocating. We specialize in high-profile moves and have solidified our spot as the highest ranking professional movers in Toronto with the most advanced corporate moving program. On the day you arrive to your new country, Armstrong Moving ensures that you have everything you need, leaving no detail overlooked.

As a FIDI member, we are committed to meeting the highest industry standards at all times so that your items arrive safely and securely. Specialized techniques and high-quality packing materials are used to transport your belongings. An Armstrong Moving manager is also assigned to each client, acting as your single point of contact for enhanced efficiency and ease.

At Armstrong Moving, we understand the apprehension and the worry associated with relocating, as well as the unforeseen challenges that often occur during the process. This is why our professionals are trained in counselling, crisis negotiation and professional support, which we offer in multiple languages. We care about every aspect of your moving, ensuring that each step of the process is taken care of. The care and attention to detail that we provide sets up apart from the competition.

Worldwide Moving Services

International Logistics Made Simple

Unlike local or domestic moves, an international moving entails many more moving parts. Aside from the basics like packing, storage, and transport, the requirements for coordination and support are much more extensive, often spanning time zones.

At Armstrong, we’re experts at handling all of these moving parts — we’ll manage your moving budget, pack and transport your boxes, and prepare for customs compliance and clearance.

Tailored transport arrangements

Tailored transport arrangements

International moving require long haul transport. That means multiple moving parts and modes of transport. Our Move Managers will coordinate these transport arrangements for a seamless move, ensuring that your shipments arrive on time and on-budget, whether they’re traveling by ground, sea, or air — or a combination of these.

Global reach

Global reach

No matter where you’re moving, Armstrong will get you and your belongings there. From initial consultation and packing, to transport and safe, on-time arrival, we work with reliable global partners and professional movers who share our commitment to seamless international moving and positive customer experience.

Customer expertise

Customs expertise

Our team of professional movers are international logistics experts. We are well-versed in the complexities of international moving , particularly customs documentation and clearance.

Secure packaging and transport

Secure packaging and transport

At Armstrong Moving, we built our business on industry-leading logistics solutions. Every international moving starts with expert preparation and packing. We identify the packaging requirements of all your assets and arrange for secure, climate-controlled transport.

Complete International Moving Management

Made for the Long Haul

Vehicle relocation

Vehicle Moving

Get around faster and explore your new environment with ease knowing that your vehicle arrives when you, and with all the required permits and documentation.

Pet Relocation

Pet Moving

Our international moving services include moving your pets, complete with required permits and safe, pet-friendly transport arrangements.

Appliance servicing

Appliance servicing

As part of our international moving services, we offer appliance servicing to make sure that your appliances are suited to the electrical requirements in your new home, and in good condition for safe use.



In any major moving , leaving behind a few items is inevitable. We’ll look after them for you in clean, climate-controlled, and fully secure storage.

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