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Local Movers

Fast and Simple Local Moves

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 Local Moves

Whether you’re moving just down the block, to a new neighbourhood, or a few cities away, the basics of moving are the same: packing, storage, and transport. Even if you’re staying local, a new home and a bright new space opens up exciting new possibilities. Armstrong Moving is here to ease the transition, and keep your focus on this milestone.

Local Moves

We’re Your Local Moving Company

Local Moving Made Easy and Personalized

As your local movers, our promise is personalized service tailored to your exact needs and schedule. From initial consultation to packing, transport, and move-in, our guarantee is a secure, on-time, and on-budget moving .

Hands free moving

Hands-free moving

Armstrong Moving means hands-free moving — we take care of all these logistical details, and do the heavy lifting for you. Simply show us what you’re moving, so we can provide an accurate and fully transparent quote. We’ll take it from there.

Handle with care

Handle with care

We’re specially trained to identify the packaging and transport requirements of everyday essentials, unique furniture, fragile electronics, and high-value assets, like paintings and vintage wines. Our guarantee is expert, secure handling and damage-free transportation for a safe arrival.

Stress and mess free arrivals

Stress-and-Mess-Free Arrival

As your local moving company, we’re here to ease the transition with a helping hand. We make sure each box is correctly labelled and placed in the right area, and even help you unpack.

Complex moves

Complex Moves

There’s no job too complex for us. At Armstrong, we tailor a full-service moving package to your exact needs, schedule, and budget. Our Move Managers and professional movers are dedicated to helping the entire family move with ease.

Complete and Customized Local Moves

Personalized Moving by Your Friendly Local Movers

Vehicle relocation

Vehicle Moving

Aside from the essentials and everything that fits in boxes, we also help you move the big things, like your cars. We handle all the complexities of domestic vehicle moving , from documentation to transportation.

Pet relocation

Pet Moving

Our professional movers will help you prepare family pets for the move, and arrange for appropriate transportation to ensure their health and safety, whether it’s a quick drive or an extended road trip.

Appliance servicing

Appliance servicing

We offer appliance servicing to ensure that your appliances are move-in ready — safe to use and in good condition for years to come in your new home.



Can’t take everything you love with you? Armstrong Moving will look after these for you at our climate-controlled, fully secure storage facility. We also offer short-term storage while you settle in, and coordinate delivery at a later date.

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