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BC & Vancouver Movers

Uprooting your entire life and assets to relocate to another city, across the border, or even other international destinations is inevitable throughout your lifetime. Whether it’s for the fresh start of a new chapter with family, or in pursuit of your dream job, relocating requires extensive planning and scheduling to coordinate packing, transport, and set up at your new location.

Armstrong Moving is a leading international moving company serving Vancouver and British Columbia residents. Our professional movers are highly trained and well-equipped in facilitating a smooth and complete moving to help you settle and adjust to life in Vancouver.

Trust Armstrong Moving to handle all the aspects of a long-distance moving through expert preparation and packing assistance, cargo transport, and customs documentation and regulation compliance, with special services for long-term storage and handling of fragile items like art collections.

Our complete suite of professional moving services helps ensure a hassle-free transition to life in Vancouver, so you can focus on building a stable home life and community ties in your new neighbourhood, as well as promising career growth — no matter how many miles you’re away from home.

Why Choose Armstrong Moving When Moving Worldwide

At Armstrong Moving, we take pride in delivering an excellent client experience with every moving. Our team of professional movers are expertly trained to facilitate the packing, transport, and storage of your most valued assets, so you can maximize new professional opportunities, and come home to the same, familiar warmth that makes up your home.

The Armstrong difference is known among the long-distance moving companies in Vancouver and across Canada. Our mission is your comfort throughout the moving process, and successful setup wherever the next chapter of your life takes you and your loved ones.

With over two decades of proven experience and valuable partnerships with over 600 international moving companies, we offer integrated packing, transport, warehouse distribution, and storage solutions for a wide range of items, including fragile, high-value art and antique collections. This integrated network of transport solutions guarantees safe handling, worldwide support, and expert ability to coordinate the logistical requirements of even the most complex movings.

Our International Moving Approach

International moving requires increased preparation and packing for travel across long distances. Not only do your personal possessions, furniture, cars, and other valuables need to withstand cargo transport conditions to ensure optimal use at your new location, you will also need to declare these items to customs authorities and ensure adherence to import regulations. These logistical concerns come on top of settling into your new environment, career, and community.

Armstrong moving specializes in turnkey international moving services. Our international movers are familiar with the stringent requirements of packing for overseas cargo transport, customs declarations, and long-term storage.

Our guarantee is a hassle-free moving process. We handle these logistical concerns, so you can focus on setting up your new home, adjusting to a new corporate culture, and building strong connections that span across the border, or even around the world. Enjoy the same familiar warmth of your old home, now safely transported to any international destination as you start an exciting new chapter.

Tips from the Best Moving Company in Canada

At Armstrong Moving, our professional movers have witnessed and responded to a wide range of moving concerns. From storing large items that won’t make the move or packing fragile items to withstand transport conditions, our team of worldwide movers are experts in safe packing and handling of your valuables and ensuring that they find their way to their new home in good condition.

Our years of experience as professional movers over long-distance movings have taught us these valuable packing and preparation techniques:

Our international moving service features

Armstrong Moving is an established and sought-after long distance moving company. We owe this reputation to a track record of customer trust — trust in our secure packing techniques, safe handling methods, and logistics expertise to navigate transport, customs declarations, and set up arrangements at various international destinations.

Every international moving our professional worldwide movers facilitate adheres to industry standards set by the FDI. Your dedicated Armstrong Moving manager is dedicated to handling the heavy-lifting in your cross-border or international moving, so you can recreate your home with lifestyle essentials, and show up ready to work and grow your career to greater heights.

Our complete suite of international moving services include:

Our professional movers support these core international moving services with expert handling of unforeseen challenges that occur throughout the moving process.

Backed by expertise in counselling, crisis negotiation, and professional support in multiple languages, our professional movers are trained to navigate bottlenecks in transport, delays in customs processing, and other challenges that delay the packing, transport, or safe arrival of your personal effects. Trust our professional movers and your dedicated moving manager to help you navigate these challenges and ensure that your moving stays on schedule.

Professional Moving Service Across British Columbia and Alberta

Armstrong Moving is the trusted international, provincial, and cross-border moving service provider in British Columbia. Like you, we value life in the province — its proximity to nature and excellent quality of life, along with booming industries that drive a strong local economy powered by clean technology, agriculture, forestry, IT, mining, natural gas, and tourism, among others. With these opportunities, it’s no surprise that many people jump at the chance to relocate to one of the best places to live and work across Canada.

Whether you’re moving to an in-demand location in an urban centre like Vancouver or pioneering a new venture in up-and-coming areas outside the city, our professional movers offer expert support and hands-on assistance in packing and transporting your essentials. Trust our professional movers to handle all your personal effects with care and precision, and facilitate set up at your new location for a smooth transition.

Our long-distance moving company offers a full suite of moving services in these BC cities and surrounding areas:

Additionally, from our Vancouver office we extend our professional moving and movingservices to all of Alberta, including the following cities:

Our Services

We offer a number of moving services, including:

  • Overseas Packing and Preparation
  • Assistance with Customs Regulations and Documentation
  • Vehicle Moving
  • Pet Moving

In addition to these services, we also provide a number of other services, including:

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