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Our core company service offering is corporate relocation – we’ve been helping professionals move for over 30 years. Armstrong understands the most important thing in moving professionals is ensuring a stress-free experience, so they can remain productive and happy. There are two stakeholders in a corporate relocation – the organization and it’s employee. Both these stakeholders are our customers in a corporate move and we pride ourselves on understanding the importance of meeting every requirement for each customer.

Armstrong employees are highly trained to handle unforeseen circumstances that may arise in relocating a professional and his/her family. We offer a host of services, from specialized packing techniques to pet relocation, to ensure your corporate relocation is hassle-free and seamless.

A trained move manager is assigned to every relocation to make certain each stage of a corporate relocation progresses smoothly. In partnering with United Van Lines and FIDI, Armstrong can provide global reach, experienced employees, Backcheck™ verified staff and sophisticated language services for all your corporate relocation requirements.

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