Executive Team

It takes decades to build a team this strong

Rod Speers - Armstrong Moving

Rod Speers – CEO, owner

I’ve been in the moving business for over 25 years. I started Armstrong International in 1994 and have seen the team grow to become the most respected personnel in the industry. Our staff is our greatest asset, what we are most proud of, and continues to be our strategic advantage. This is why our employees are motivated and extremely professional.

At Armstrong, I’m the President and an owner. I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree. This training gives me insight into the financial side of the business, and I’ve always made sure our customers were getting value for the services we offered. However, I’d say my greatest strength is understanding people and our customer’s needs. The moving business is an incredibly personal one – I try my best to understand all the challenges facing professionals relocating their families, and tailor our business to reflect their needs.

Derek Duffy - Armstrong Moving

Derek Duffy – President, owner

Hockey is my sport – I love hitting the ice every winter! I live an active lifestyle and team sports are one of my strengths. I carry these values over to my business…team building is where I excel! There’s nothing more satisfying than being a part of a winning team. As a ten-year member of the FIDI Academy Training Team, I’ve been contributing to winning teams for quite a while.

Armstrong Moving is definitely home to a winning team…it’s why I became one of the owners! I’ve been in the moving business for over 20 years; for me, the only team that could give Armstrong a run for its money is my family…my wife, my son and daughter.


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