5 Tips For Learning The Transit And Transportation In Your New Location

Posted by on Sep 26 | 2016

When relocating to a new city or town, there are a lot of items that we check off our list before we get there: Where you’re moving, what the area is like, who is working in your office, and how far your children’s school is from your home. Often it is not until we arrive there that transportation becomes more of a pressing matter. However, learning about your new city is part of the thrill and doesn’t need to be stressful. With that in mind, here are five tips for learning about the transportation options in your new location.

Learning About Transportation In Your New City

  1. Visit Your New City’s Website

    When it comes to learning about the transportation options in your new location, the first step is to consult the website of your new city. Here, you will find valuable information such as types of available transportation, timetables and a lot of other relevant information.

    If you live in a major city, it is very likely that you will find many tutorials for how to use the subway or bus system on websites such as YouTube. If this isn’t an option, you can make a personal visit to your town’s visitors’ center or tourist office.

  2. Download Relevant Apps on your Phone

    In some cases, your new location’s main transportation system may have a relevant app, such as a map of the subway system, live updates of nearest public transportation vehicles, and other helpful information.

  3. Walk First

    Walking as much as possible is often the first way to become familiar with your new area while committing it to spatial memory and becoming acquainted with major landmarks in the city. Not only will it help with your sense of direction in your town, but you’ll get instantly familiar with which areas have busses, which have subways, and all the while you can spot new restaurants and coffee shops to frequent.

  4. Invest in a GPS

    Until you become comfortable with the layout of your new city, having a GPS to direct you to and from specific destinations in the city can add a level of comfort while you are navigating through it. Often, this will be a much safer option than using a map.

  5. Practice Driving from Point A to Point B

    As with learning any new task, it is important to give yourself time to experiment. On your first day off, for example, set aside an hour to drive around your new city or town when you have enough time to do so. Drive from your house to the grocery store, for example. This will ensure that you are focused and stress-free so you can absorb your route and familiarize yourself with the surroundings along the way. Keep in mind that the first time you set out to drive in your new city shouldn’t also be the first day of work.

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