Challenges In Shipping Household Goods To Rural Areas Of Canada

Posted by on Apr 25 | 2015

Shipping to rural places in Canada is expensive and, in some cases, so difficult and unpredictable that it can become frustrating to do. Of course, some rural areas are more accessible than others, and in all cases, the starting point will determine how long shipping takes and what types of extra charges might be incurred.

Shipping Challenges in Rural Canada

We’re taking a look at the potential difficulties you may face so you can find a solution even before shipping becomes a problem.

Online shopping

Some major online marketplaces will have strict guidelines deciding how their products will be shipped to their customers. For example, will only use Canada Post, while Amazon uses alternatives like UPS and FedEx in addition to our standard mailing services.

Courier options

FedEx uses a table to calculate their Ground Remote Rural Surcharge, which can amount to incredibly high prices, in addition to a fee that’s charged for weighing packages above a certain weight.

Canada Post provides shipping to rural areas as well, and they use two standards to determine delivery standards, with the categories being non-major urban centres and Northern regions, and remote centres. Regularly shipped parcels travelling across country takes up to 12 or 13 days, and even express shipment can take up to a week or more.

In more removed areas, mail isn’t delivered to individual homes, meaning individuals must arrange a way to receive paper mail and parcels. One option is to pay for a box at the sole intersection that’s designated to serve specific areas; however, there’s no guarantee that the sole intersection will actually be close to homes in that town. The other choice is to rent a PO Box in a city nearby that offers that service.

The good news is that chances are if you’re located in an area that far removed, you have to go into the city frequently for things like groceries and other daily necessities. This will make it more convenient to schedule time to get your items.

Shipping parcels by mail is costly

Shipping is expensive because transportation that’s fast (such as air mail) uses a lot of fuel, whereas transportation that’s slow requires labour. Moving by sending your possessions through the mail to your new address will be expensive if the total weight and volume is large, but a relocation company will be able to ship your items and provide other services to help make the move easier; that way, you don’t have to restrict the amount of items you take with you, especially if you’re moving to a rural area where it’s a hassle to replace household items that aren’t easily found in town.

Canada Post has been making serious cuts to their service in rural areas, and, unfortunately, the market for rural shipping doesn’t have serious competition. When it comes to your move, ensure that your company is working with relocation experts to eliminate costs associated with shipping your belongings.



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