3 Ways to Help Your Kids Overcome Language Barriers

Posted by on Oct 12 | 2015

When you’re about to move around the globe to take on a new working role, it’s the ideal time to consider how this move will impact your children. How will your children be able to assimilate within their new environment? This question is especially important for those who are moving to a new country where the general population speaks a different language.

Overcome Language Barriers

Being able to communicate with their peers in their new country immediately will help children blend in within the social environment more easily. In this article, we’re looking at three ways you can help your children overcome language barriers in their new country.

1. Sign Up for Lessons

There are many ways in which children can receive language lessons to improve their understanding of the new dialect. For example, tutors now offer language lessons from a home Internet connection via Skype or other live-chat options. For those who wish to ensure their children receive one-on-one in-person lessons from a specialist, there’s the option to hire professionals, such as local language teachers, for tutoring lessons. This can help the child become comfortable in speaking the language in general conversation before they make their trip to the new country.

2. Place Children in an English School

During the initial settling in period within the new country, it might be important to enroll the children within an English school so that they can acclimatize to their new surroundings while making friends with those that speak their language. This can then allow the child to develop their language skills at their own pace, as parents may hire a tutor for the child outside of school.

Once the child’s communication skills are at the required level, they can be transferred into one of the local schools to further the acclimatization process.

3. Mobile Applications

For children, technology can help them to become more familiar with their new environment. There are many new applications that are designed to help quickly complete translations from any language into English. Apps such as Google Translate, for example, can be used to translate over 90 languages into clear English audio and text. It’s a tool that could help children to quickly and easily make friends in their local neighbourhood, even if they haven’t mastered the region’s language just yet.

Helping children to succeed in life is the parent’s leading prerogative. Use the tips highlighted in this article to ensure your children integrate quickly within their new home environment! To learn more, speak with our expert team today.



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