Selling Tips: How To Declutter Your Home For Staging

Posted by on Oct 23 | 2017

Home staging is the process of “staging” your home in such a way that it increases the likelihood of the home being sold. Studies continue to show that home staging is effective. According to a study by the Real Estate Staging Association, for example, staged homes sell for 6% more than the asking price and sell 78% faster. A major component of home staging is, of course, decluttering. If you plan to stage your home yourself, here is how to approach the task.

Decluttering Home For Staging

  1. Rent a Storage Unit

    The easiest way to declutter your home and to make the most impact from your decluttering efforts is to simply move items into a temporary storage unit. Many specialized moving services also offer temporary storage units.

    A storage unit is great for storing things that are particularly problematic in your home. If you have anything in your home that could take the buyer away from the structural details of your home, you might also want to consider placing these in storage. For example, if you have a particularly bold couch, it is best to take it to a storage unit.

  2. Declutter Room by Room

    Taking a strategic approach to each room will allow you to focus your efforts on one particular task at a home while also making the process of decluttering a lot less daunting. Keep in mind that there are key elements you should aim to declutter, as you will see below.

  3. Remove Personalized Items

    Although your home may not necessarily be cluttered with personalized items like portraits or photos, a key element of the home staging process is removing signs of personalization from your home. The reason for this is that it can prevent potential home buyers from envisioning themselves in the home, which is the essence of what home staging tries to accomplish.

  4. Focus on Decluttering The Key Elements

    While no areas of your home should look visibly cluttered (in other words, ensure that you focus problematic areas of your home first), there are also key elements of your home that also need to be decluttered. A big one here to declutter and minimize everything in your closets. Homeowners will be looking at what kind of storage space is available in your home, so ensure that all closets in the home only have minimal items in them.

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