Tips To Help Your Teen Cope With Moving Overseas

Posted by on Mar 15 | 2017

Teenagers might be nervous about moving overseas – but it’s important to remind them of the exciting adventure and new life chapter they are beginning. Moving overseas will provide your child with a knowledge of other cultures, improved communication skills and new friends and experiences.

Help Your Teen Cope With Moving Overseas

Here are a few ways to help your teenager cope with overseas moving so that their time abroad is a positive aspect of their lives and not a negative one.

Listen carefully to their concerns

Teenagers may react in a number of ways to the idea of moving abroad. They may be sad or angry at the idea of leaving their school, city or friends behind. Remain positive and listen closely to their concerns. Reassure them that their unpleasant feelings will pass with time.

Move between school years (or semesters) if possible

It’s not the most ideal situation to have your teen start in the middle of a school year or semester when everyone else has had time to meet new friends, join new activities and get a head start on the academic year. This can overwhelm your teen emotionally and academically.

Schedule a return trip home

Scheduling a return trip home for your teenager in advance of leaving can help to minimize the overwhelming feeling associated with overseas moving, making it seem as though the move is not permanent. Additionally, scheduling a return trip – even if just for a short vacation – will give your teenager something to plan and look forward to.

Integrate them into their new country ASAP

Encourage them to join extracurriculars at school, or enroll them in activities/classes outside of school. This will help them to get out and meet friends. Additionally, make sure your teenage knows that they can invite new friends from school over. Another option is to travel together around your city. In the process, your teen will become familiar with his or her surroundings.

Encourage them to connect with their old friends

While it is important to encourage your teenager to meet new friends, they should maintain a connection to their old friends. This can help to mitigate their feelings of moving overseas and help them adjust to their new home.

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