Tips For Helping Your Kids Adjust To Their New Home

Posted by on Apr 18 | 2016

Moving can be difficult for many kids, and as the adult who recently moved for a stressful position, there are enough responsibilities to face already. Luckily, there are a few easy tips to help your child prepare for the move and settle in as smoothly as possible.

Helping Kids Adjust New Home

Practice your routines

If your child has routines, it’s important to try and re-establish them after the move. The simplest routines are the best to start up again as soon as you begin relocation:

  • Having meals at consistent times every day
  • Laying clothes out for the next day before bed
  • Choosing a snack to go with their lunch before school
  • Finding an after school activity to look forward to (like a soccer team or piano lessons)

Communicate information that’s relevant to your child’s life

Your child makes choices every day, so it’s important to give them the information they need to plan and make good decisions. Of course, there are many details that your child doesn’t need to know, but they do need general moving information pertaining to your move such as:

  • Your moving date
  • What the schedule will look like for your moving days and the transportation during that time (IE if you’re taking a plane, how long you may be in the car for, etc.)
  • How long their possessions will be packed away for

Encourage them to make their own choices

By involving your child in the move, they can feel invested in what happens during the relocation. Not only does that prevent boredom or feeling alienated, but this way they can have a chance at feeling excited at the success of the move. The types of decisions that are appropriate for a child to make may largely depend on age, but here are a few good ideas that you might want to suggest:

  • The colour of paint for their new room
  • A new restaurant to frequent for dinner or lunch
  • A local landmark to visit in order to get to know the area

Lead by example

Your child will follow your cue and adjust to your mood. In order to stay relaxed during the move, take steps to ensure that you reduce the amount of unnecessary stress you’ll face. Having a relocation company work directly with your company will go a long way to lighten the load, leaving you free to focus on the important decisions. Additionally, here are some relaxation techniques that are easy to do:

  • Breathing exercises take only a few minutes of quiet
  • Give yourself recognition when you meet certain benchmarks
  • Take frequent breaks while unpacking or designing your space to prevent becoming overworked or overwhelmed

Moving can be a hassle, but it’s also a good chance to bring new changes into your life. By keeping your kids in mind above all else, you’ll ensure an easy and happy move is had by all.



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