Relocating to Toronto? Here Are The City’s Best Social Clubs

Posted by on Sep 25 | 2017

Situated along Lake Ontario’s northwest shore, Toronto is Canada’s largest and most populated city. It’s consistently rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities, with a high quality of life. Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world, where an estimated half of all of its residents were born outside of Canada.

Best Social Clubs In Toronto

Toronto is a vibrant, bustling metropolis and is often described as the cultural and entertainment capital of Canada. It’s also often called Canada’s New York city. In Toronto, residents are never left with nothing to do. Every square inch of the city offers something to do and the opportunity to meet and connect with other people. There are networking events just about every night. There are food tours. The list of entertainment options go on and on, from theatre performances to trivia nights – again, all of which offer great opportunities to meet others.

If you are relocating to Toronto, or any city for that matter, finding the best social clubs in your new city is another great way to expand your network and meet new people – particularly with similar interests. It is no surprise that Toronto has a lot of options with social clubs that cater to virtually every subsect of the population. With that in mind, here some of the best social clubs Toronto has to offer.

Toronto’s Best Social Clubs

  1. Toronto Social Group
    A social group for all ages, the Toronto Social Group is one of the largest social clubs in Toronto. Unlike other social clubs on this list, the Toronto Social Group social club is primarily designed for networking purposes, making it a great option for newcomers to the city who are looking to meet new people. The Toronto Social Group partakes in range of activities; Sometimes they will dine out in interesting restaurants or they will meet for coffee. Other times they attend musical evenings or they go on day-trips.

  2. Toronto Entrepreneur’s Club
    As you might have guessed from the name of this club, the Toronto Entrepreneur Club is a social club designed for professionals and, in particular, business-minded entrepreneurs. The club is home to over 14,000 entrepreneurs, making it one of the largest social clubs in Toronto and certainly the largest business-minded social club. The group is a mix of professionals with start-ups, investors and other professionals all over the GTA. Their goal is to inspire further entrepreneurship, technologies, business and social innovation.

  3. Try New Things Toronto Meet-Up Group
    This meet-up (or social club) is designed around the idea of trying new things in Toronto. This is another great option for newcomers who are looking to both connect with others while also seeing all that Toronto has to offer. In the past, the group has tried canoeing around the Toronto islands, went wine tasting and attended a few comedy shows to name just a few. This is another group for all ages.

  4. Day Trips – Events and Travel Lovers Meetup Group
    Founded in 2008, this social club was designed for those for a penchant for travel. This is yet another great social club for newcomers to Toronto since it offers the opportunity to acquaint yourself with Toronto as well as the surrounding areas. This social group goes on a mix of day trips in and around Toronto (past trips have included Niagara on the Lake, Kingston and the 1000 Islands as well as Wine Country) as well as annual week-long trips throughout the year. An average of 150 attend their annual January Carribean cruise.

  5. Parkdale Roadrunners
    For those who have an interest in fitness – running in particular – the Parkdale Roadrunners is a great social club for those looking to connect with other runners. Parkdale Roadrunners meet every Tuesday and Saturday, rain or shine, at the Gladstone Hotel. Their Tuesday run is open to all runners and offers two distances to choose from, while their Saturday run is for women only. Check out their website for more information.

  6. Soul City Social Club
    This social club is a bit different than the others mentioned on this list and therefore deserves a mention. Soul City Social Club is one of Toronto’s biggest social clubs, comprised of nearly 7,000 members, with the goal of bringing people together to connect in positive ways. For those with alternative interests, Toronto’s Soul City Social Club offers weekly events that cover many different alternative topics, from alternative health to eastern philosophy to mindfulness and energy work, to name just a few. This social club also offers additional weekly social events, from stand-up comedy to mystery rooms and more.

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