How To Transport Fine Art

Posted by on Jul 2 | 2015

Fine art is often the most valuable thing to consider during a move. This can include artwork, family heirlooms, and antiques.

Transporting Fine Art

Your art not only has a high monetary value, but it may also have significant sentimental value. This means you want to protect it before, during, and after your relocation. Knowing what to consider when transporting fine art makes the process easier.

By preparing in advance and packing your artwork correctly, you’ll prevent unwanted damage or loss and ensure that your art makes it to your new home safely.

Take the Time to Prepare

The more art you have to move, the more time you’ll need to take to prepare. This means that you should consider all of the necessary details and discuss them with your moving company.

You should provide details related to the dimensions, materials, and weight of your valuable pieces. These details impact the cost of the move and make it easy to get an accurate quote.

Take photographs of each piece and document its condition.

You should review your existing insurance policy to determine if it already provides coverage for moving.

If your current insurance doesn’t cover your art, you can receive insurance from a fine art company to protect your valuables from their origin to their final destination.

Get the Best Protection

Moving your art must include considerations that will provide the best protection. It is recommended that you find a company that specializes in transporting valuable works, as they can offer you a wide range of services that aren’t available with traditional moving companies.

A Fine Art company can offer you different transportation modes with various security measures to mitigate risk and keep your works safe during transport.

Ideal Conditions for Your Art

Protect your artwork even further by ensuring that the art remains in ideal conditions, whether in transit or in storage.

If you are required to put your art into storage, you should choose a space that is secure and monitors humidity and temperature levels to provide the optimal level of protection. You should look for a facility that has the AXA Art Protect certification. AXA is the world’s only globally operating fine art insurance provider. If a company has this certification it means they are dedicated to preserving the beauty, integrity and sentimental significance of all forms of artwork.

For transport, choose a company that has specialized equipment that can control and monitor temperature during the shipment.

Protecting art during your move preserves its value and condition. Document and keep a record of all your art pieces and ensure they are appropriately packed to get the best protection during transport or while in storage.

By using a company that specializes in packing and shipping fine art ensures your works will be enjoyed for many future generations.



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