How To Transition From City To Rural Life

Posted by on Aug 7 | 2017

Both city and rural living has advantages and drawbacks. Although rural life typically offers more space, increased privacy and a higher quality of life in general, rural life lacks convenience, and has other unexpected challenges that you may not have considered. In short, the transition requires adjustment, but these tips will help you to make that process a lot easier.

Transition From City To Rural Life

  • Prepare To Make Lifestyle Changes
    One challenge that city dwellers tend to face when they move to the country is a change in their lifestyle. Many people are used to going out on the town on a regular basis but find that it it’s not as easy to do so once they move. Knowing that this is a challenge, consider your leisure activities as it stands now and realize that you may need to improvise. Don’t overlook the community events that may be going on in your own home. However, the good news is that rural life offers a lot of great leisure activities that are not always as easy in the city, such as gardening.

  • Prepare For A Tight-Knit Community
    Smaller towns tend to be more tight-knit. While you may not have known your neighbours in your previous city, it is quite possible that you will get to know your neighbours a lot more in a smaller town. This can be good or bad depending upon your own personality and inclination toward privateness. The key, however, is to be prepared. In order to make the transition great over the long-term, you should make an effort to engage with your neighbours when they engage with you. After all, poor relationships with your neighbours will certainly not make the transition an easy one.

  • Prepare To Use Your Car A Lot More
    Rural living means relying on your car a lot more. As such, you are going to want to ensure that it’s reliable. You may even want to consider investing in a more environmentally friendly car.

  • Invest in Exterior Lighting
    Rural towns have less outdoor lighting like street lamps. As such, people may feel less safe in their homes at night. In fact, investing in outdoor lighting outside your home can not only make you feel more safe but can actually make your home actually safer.

  • Consider Your Own Perceived Challenges
    Although we can outline challenges that a lot of people when moving to the country, it is also important to consider what you might personally miss when you move and how to navigate that challenge. Perhaps you will miss your favourite coffee shop. Therefore, stock up on that coffee beforehand.

  • Consider Professional Moving Services
    Regardless of where you’re moving, professional moving services (such as corporate location services) are always an asset. Moving is a notoriously stressful process and professional moving services will pack up your belongings and move them for you.

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