Creating an Inventory Management System For Your Move

Posted by on Jun 15 | 2015

The biggest challenge during a move is keeping track of your personal and business items, which is extremely difficult to do without a system in place.

 Relocating Your Home

Creating an inventory management system for you move isn’t as complicated as you might think. With some basic tools and easy tips, you can ensure that your valuable items make it to their final destination.

Taking the time to create an inventory system saves you time and reduces the stress of relocating.

Prepare Before You Move

There are some basic steps to take in the preparation phase to ensure that your items accounted for.

Firstly, decide what things are most important to you. Whether you’re relocating your home or business, there will be items that demand greater care and attention. Prioritizing the importance or value of your items lets you organize them more easily. Consider setting up a classification system for your high-, medium-, and low-priority possessions.

Use photographs or video to document everything that you need to move. This is especially useful for items of very high value and it can make insurance claims much easier, should anything be lost or damaged.

How to Document Your Items

An inventory list can be as simple as a handwritten piece of paper or as complex as a detailed spreadsheet. Whichever way you choose to do it, having a document in place gives you a point of reference to track items, boxes, and the locations where they belong.

An electronic document can be easier to back up online or using a cloud-based service. If you are using a physical copy, you can scan or copy it to ensure that you have a backup.

An inventory list makes it easy to access items before and after you move once they’ve been packed. After you have your list, mark each box for an easy reference to cross-check on your inventory list. Give each box a number and use it to itemize each item on your list. Provide as much detail as possible to ensure that nothing gets misplaced.

Estimate value of your items. This keeps your valuables separate from the rest of your less expensive items so they’re easier to monitor during your move.

Processing Items During the Move 

You have to unpack everything once you’ve relocated. Knowing where everything goes makes it much easier to set up your new space.

You can use a system to know where to put each box, which will also help you determine where to begin when you unpack. A simple labeling system can be used to indicate what room or office to place a given box.

Your inventory list lets you track your items as they are delivered and helps you identify any missing boxes before the move is completed. With the list, you’ll have more control over the things you need to keep track of and will reduce the time needed to relocate to your new home or office.



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