5 Tips To Enjoy Your New Office Space

Posted by on Dec 21 | 2015

New spaces can sometimes be difficult to adjust to. Even if you’re relocating to a new area where you’ll be working for a company you’ve been with for years, the new environment itself can be distracting to your day to day work.

Office Space

One of the best ways to get to work is to first ensure your surroundings maintain the important aspects of work environment: organisation, comfort, and functionality.

A neat, comfortable, and ergonomically designed work environments increase creativity and promote productivity. Here are a few tips on how to better enjoy your new office space:

  1. Bring new colours into your office
  2. Different colours are known to provoke different types of emotions. Choose a colour that is appropriate for your business and your personal liking. Many offices are painted blue because it has a calming effect, plus it is believed to increase productivity, while other professionals choose green, which is considered easy on the eyes, restful, and healthy.

  3. Adjust the lighting
  4. Office work typically comprises of reading and writing, so it is important that you have sufficient light. If your windows are large enough, let in the sunlight. It is believed to be softer and calmer than white fluorescent light, plus it helps to create a more productive workplace. Try positioning your desk in a way that you can maximise on natural light.

    Alternatively, you can brighten up the room by hanging a pendant light, should you find your area to be too dark.

  5. Personalise the space
  6. Your office space should not be filled with solely work-related belongings: shelves, cabinets, desks, chairs, etc. Consider adding items that inspire or motivate you, like fine art, a musical instrument, or photos of your family.

    Things like art are not only aesthetically pleasing for you, your employees, and customers, but also provide a great way to express the culture of your office.

  7. Hang bulletin and dry-erase boards
  8. Business revolves around creativity, quick ideas, and important papers, and these boards provide an accessible place to put them before they disappear. They are also a great alternative to papers that, if not properly organised, can clutter your desk, and post-its that are easy to lose.

  9. Listen to music
  10. Music has become an ubiquitous accessory in nearly every type of office and across different industries with good reason. Studies have found that music can raise your energy level, triggers memories, and increases your ability to recall data and solve problems. When settling into a new country, it’s likely that the music being played in your office won’t always be to your preference, or even in a language you understand. Bring headphones to your office so you can stay in tune with the music that helps you concentrate.

Lastly, keep your office space organised. Your new office should not give you a feeling of dread every time you walk into or even simply think of it because of the piles of paper and miscellaneous clutter hipped on the floor and desk. Always have the area cleared before you leave the office every night, and take the responsibility of keeping everything in place throughout the work week.



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