4 Ways To Keep Kids Engaged During Your Relocation

Posted by on Jun 8 | 2016

Relocations are very stressful on the family unit. This is especially true for children, whose boredom and potential anxiety can culminate in meltdowns and other unpleasant behaviour. Planning activities beforehand, however, can provide a productive outlet for children and make the overall process much smoother. Keep in mind that on moving day, it is ideal to frequently change up activities so that children won’t get bored.

Keep Kids Engaged During Your Relocation

  1. Make a “First Night in the New House” Fun Box

    Turn the potentially unsettling event of staying in a new house into an exciting, family affair. Have a movie night with the entire family on the first night of your stay. Allow your child to pack a box with all of the things he or she may need – a favorite pair of pajamas, a favourite blanket or a few toys, to name a few. Allow them to decorate the box. You can fill it with their favourite snacks and other special items and allow them to open it up on the big night. This will give them something to look forward to and allow you to use it as a tool to manage behaviour during potential meltdowns.

  2. Allow Your Children to Pack Up Their Own Belongings

    You might be surprised to see how much of an interest children can take in packing – especially when it comes to their own belongings. In this instance, it can be useful to tell your children to make piles, including to keep, to donate and to toss. Children have a tendency to feel a loss of control during a move. However, allowing them to pack their own belongings is a way to involve them in the event and give them back some control as well as provide a sense of finality. It will also provide ample opportunity to spark a discussion about the new adventure ahead of them, which will get them excited about the move.

  3. Have Them Make Paintings and Crafts For Their New Bedroom

    Having your children make paintings and crafts to decorate their new bedroom will not only keep them occupied during the move but can also give them a sense of control over the relocation and promote excitement.

    Simply gather some poster board, markers, pencil crayons and other craft supplies such and tissue paper and sparkles. You can make this even more exciting by telling your children that you will frame their artwork and hang it on the walls in their bedroom. Your children will be even more likely to take the project more seriously if they know their own work is going to be on display.

  4. Allow Them to Organize Their Toys and Games In Their New Bedroom

    While you are busy unpacking items, a great way to make your children excited about their new bedroom and to get them more familiar with it is to allow them to organize their own toys, games and books. They will take great pride in doing so.

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