4 Things You Don’t Want To Bring On Your Relocation

Posted by on Aug 22 | 2016

Part of the key to a successful relocation is ensuring that your items get smoothly from point A to point B. However, there are a number of items that you will want to avoid bringing with you to your new home. Some of these things include dangerous goods that are explosive, corrosive or flammable in nature. Here are four things you don’t want to bring on your relocation.

Things Not Needed For Relocation

  1. Explosives

    Explosives such as fireworks and other toxic substances should be left behind and disposed of safely before you relocate. Contact your local police department for more information.

  2. Flammables

    Flammables such as aerosol cans, paints and gasoline should not be transported due to safety issues. Contact your local hazardous waste organization nearest you to learn how to properly dispose of these items.

    Other items that should also be left behind include car batteries, pool chemicals, ammonia, propane, kerosene, lamp oil, charcoal, acid, motor oil and liquid bleach.

  3. Perishable Items

    While perishable items such as frozen food and produce will not pose a threat to your health, these items should be thrown out or donated to your local community before moving because they can easily cause a mess and potentially damage valuable items. This is especially true if you are moving across the country or to a new country altogether.

  4. Furniture, Vehicles, Clothing and Electronic Equipment

    If you are moving to another country or you are only moving temporarily, it is advised that you assess whether or not the above items, including furniture, vehicles, clothing and electronic equipment, will make sense in your new environment. For example, if you are moving to Asia, where homes are typically much smaller than their North American counterparts, it may be much smarter to opt for a furnished apartment or house in your new country.

    Perhaps your car is of no use in your new country as it is more common for people to take public transportation. Apply this same reasoning to clothing; for example, maybe you are moving to a warmer or colder climate than the one you currently live in. Sometimes, electronic equipment may no longer be of use in a new country and it can be easier to simply buy new electronics in a new country.

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