4 Reasons That Relocating Is A Growing Trend

Posted by on Jun 6 | 2016

More people are choosing to relocate professional reasons, but there are many other factors that are contributing to this growing trend. These include changing demographics, an ever-evolving economy, and other social factors.

Why Relocating Is A Growing Trend

Many employers have observed an increase in job relocations, and this increase is likely to continue as the global economy moves out of the previous downturns. The following are the four biggest reasons that relocation is a growing trend.

The Rise of Millennials

Millennials have been at the forefront of discussions related to the economy, marketing, and social trends. This generation has begun to enter the workforce in large numbers, which is changing the ways in which organizations operate.

The younger millennials have grown up in an entirely new world rooted in technology that was unavailable to generations that preceded them. As a result, millennials tend to look for businesses that provide a certain level of flexibility in the ways in which they work.

Many millennials want the ability to relocate in order to achieve personal and professional goals. The growth of the remote workforce makes relocation an attractive option for employees who are entering the workforce, but it’s not just this younger demographic that’s looking to expand their workplace geography. Every day CEOs, CFOs, VPs and other senior-level staff members look to relocate while they’re launching a new product, start a new service, or develop a new branch of their company.

A Renting Economy

Many experts have observed a growing “renting economy” that’s been fueled by companies such as Uber and Airbnb. This makes it easy to access transportation and housing without having to purchase an automobile or home.

A younger workforce is more likely to take advantage of these and other services, making them less likely to make long-term commitments.

High levels of student debt are also keeping young workers from making larger and more long-term purchases. All of this results in a tendency to have fewer anchors that keep workers in one location.

However, when it comes to more established employees, the simplicity of relocating, thanks to companies like Armstrong, allows them to easily work temporarily or semi-permanently anywhere in the world without worrying about finding housing, moving your belongings, or dealing with paperwork. This has drastically increased interest in employee relocation.

Changing Family Dynamics

Alongside career motives, additional considerations such as schooling, childcare, and the career of a spouse must also be made. All of your family members must be happy with a relocation in order for it to be successful, and integrating your family with another culture has become more popular than ever.

The idea for families to be able to learn a new language, experience new cuisine and dive into a new area has become more intriguing than ever thanks to the extensive travel shows now on cable and on streaming systems like Netflix.

Economic Factors

The health of the economy also contributes to the increase in relocations. A strong economy makes it easy for individuals to leave their current jobs and seek employment elsewhere.

For those who want to stay with their current employers, but would still like to move to a different location, a thriving real estate market makes it easy for them to sell their homes and move away.

It’s clear that relocating is a growing trend. These factors have contributed to this trend and are fueling its continued growth. Understanding these factors can help you determine what to consider when you decide to relocate.



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