How To Choose The Perfect School For Your Child

Posted by on Aug 15 | 2016

Perhaps you have just been relocated and now find yourself in the position of choosing a school for your child. This decision is a monumental one and, in a lot of ways, could go on to greatly affect your child’s future. Naturally, you want to choose the perfect school. Here are some of the top things to consider when choosing the perfect school for your child, regardless of whether it is a public, private, catholic or international school.

The Perfect School For Your Child

  • Consider Your Child’s Needs. Look for a school with teachers who cater to your child’s learning style. Does your child learn best in a highly structured environment or does your child do better in a more relaxed environment? Second, consider your child’s personality and interests? For example, if he or she is interested in music, look for a school that offers music classes and extracurriculars in this area.
  • Assess the School Itself. What is the culture of the school? For example, does it focus on nurturing the arts, maths or science or does it strike a balance? Factoring this in your decision will be based on your child’s preferences and whether he or she leans toward the arts or sciences. Does the school seem warm? This is particularly important when moving to a different country as teaching methods can vary widely. What kind of facilities does the school offer as a potential area of growth for your child, sports and clubs? Don’t forget to consider practicality, including how far away it is from your home and how the child will get to and from school. What are the channels of communication between the parents and child?
  • Assess the Education. What is the educational philosophy of the school? Do they offer specialized teaching methods such as after-school tutoring programs? Education becomes supremely important if you are moving to a different country. Does the school focus on group work or lectures? Look for classes that aren’t too large – studies show that students do best in smaller class environments. Consider whether teachers have been teaching at the school for a long time or whether there a high turnover rate. You might want to consider observing a given class for an hour or so: pay attention to teachers’ interactions with students. Are assignments interesting or uninspired?
  • What is Your Child’s Opinion? Contact the school for a tour and the opportunity for your child to meet his or her potential teacher(s). Don’t forget to consider your child’s unique perspective when it comes to choosing the perfect school as a sense of excitement will make their transition easier.
  • Find a School that Feels Like Home. You might find yourself moving to an entirely different country. In these instances, it is often a good idea to consider an international school that provides a Canadian, American or British education that would not be unlike your child’s school back home. This type of school will make the transition to a new country much easier.

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