5 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited For Their New School

Posted by on Jan 2 | 2017

Changing schools can cause a lot of different reactions in children. They may feel excited, uneasy, anxious or nervous. Each child reacts differently, which can complicate matters further. However, with a little time and effort on your part, it is certainly possible for your child to adjust and get excited about going to a new school.

Getting Children Excited For A New School

  1. Be positive and give them time

    When it comes to the involvement of parents, two things stand out. First of all, parents should speak positively about the school whenever they can. At the same time, it is important that you also give your children enough time to process the move and to say goodbye to their former school, as well as their friends and teachers.

  2. Address their concerns

    It’s important to figure out why your children may be reluctant about going to a new school. Are they upset about not being able to see their friends anymore? Perhaps you could set up regular Skyping sessions with them. Helping them to understand the root cause of their concerns and figuring out a way to alleviate them can make your children feel less uneasy and in turn make them more excited about the possibility of a new school.

  3. Read books and watch movies about children going to a new school

    If your children are younger, they may benefit from reading books or watching movies about children who go to a new school and have a lot of fun in doing so.

  4. Use technology to your advantage

    Visit the school’s website. They may have promotional videos that show the school in a very positive and fun light. Showing them this information in a comfortable setting allows them to get comfortable with the idea of a new school, as well as get excited about all of the programs and exciting extra-curriculars that they can be apart of.

  5. Go on a tour

    It’s important to schedule a tour of the school. Make a fun day out of it. If your children are younger, you may consider showing them all of the playground equipment or whatever it is that interests them. If they love books, make sure that they get to visit the library. If some cases, children may even be able to spend some time in their actual classroom and meet their teachers beforehand. This will not only help them get comfortable with a new environment, but it might also help them to meet friends right away. This could also incite some enthusiasm.

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