How To Pack A Suitcase For Moving Overseas

Posted by on Apr 3 | 2017

Packing a suitcase for an overseas move is a little different than regular packing. Here is some information to guide you.

Packing A Suitcase For Moving Overseas

  • Contact your airline to determine how many suitcases you can bring

    Contact the airline directly (as opposed to checking online) to get a definitive answer regarding how many suitcases you can bring, both unpaid and paid.

  • Choose your suitcase type wisely

    Your suitcase is going to be experiencing a lot of wear and tear over the next 24+ hours. Hard shell luggage is durable and, most importantly, it will protect valuable items better than soft shell luggage.

  • Pack everything you will need for at least two weeks

    The majority of your belongings will be shipped to your new location, but you can’t always predict when they will arrive. Ensure that you pack all of the necessities that you will need over a two week period in case your shipped items take a while to arrive.

    Also, take the weather forecast into consideration when packing your suitcase. Anything that you couldn’t handle being temporarily lost should go into your hand luggage to prevent weather-related damage (your laptop and computer charger, for example).

  • Consider what you are going to need on a long-term basis

    Once you have packed the necessities, you need to consider what kind of clothing you are going to need on a long-term basis. Keep in mind that you don’t need to transport your entire wardrobe when moving overseas. Pair down duplicates as much as possible. For shoes, pack a pair for every occasion. Lastly, avoid packing clothing due to an emotional attachment – more than likely, you will not wear any those items even once. Be sure to also consider the weather in your new country.

    When packing clothing, follow this motto: If you “know” you will wear the item, pack it. If you “think” you will wear the item, pass.

  • Save space by buying travel-sized toiletries

    Large-sized toiletries can be purchased once you arrive in your new country, so avoid taking up additional space with these unnecessary items. Many people try to stock up on all their favourite products, but these can always be purchased online.

  • Use vacuum-sealed bags for bulky pieces

    When it comes to moving overseas, you tend to need all of the suitcase space you can get. Bulky items like winter coats can be put in vacuum-sealed bags to save additional space.

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