5 Places To Hold Company Meetings Outside Your Office

Posted by on Oct 31 | 2016

The office has long served as a traditional company meeting location. However, it may be time to consider other potential locations given all of the benefits of doing so. A new environment can offer you and your employees a fresh perspective, increase productivity, team-build and promote innovative thinking, to name a few. Here are five alternatives to the office meeting.

Office Meeting Alternatives

  1. A Park

    Holding your next meeting in an outdoor space such as a park (one with shelter is ideal in the event of rain) can bring a fresh perspective to your meeting while improving focus. The psychological and emotional benefits of the outdoors are many, and will surely be felt by your employees.

  2. Walk the Streets

    Having a meeting while walking has been shown to improve morale as well as increase both productivity and creativity. It may allow you to see things from a different angle. If you don’t require any technological equipment and your meeting size is small enough, simply take to the streets outside of your office for your next meeting place.

  3. A Casual Setting: A Coffee Shop

    A casual setting such as a quiet coffee shop can promote comfort and allow your employees to get to know each other on a more intimate level due to the more relaxed setting. A relaxed setting can induce creativity and free thought in your employees.

  4. Out of Town

    Out of town meetings, such as at a retreat, can be one of the best ways to promote team-building and group training. Out of town meetings can be as productive as meetings in the office. The key, however, is have a clear idea of the tasks you want to accomplish.

  5. The Golf Course

    This is a fresh approach for those who have to meet with individual clients. These days, business people are increasingly choosing exercise, such as playing a round of golf, biking or doing yoga, as their next meeting place. This type of setting is beneficial because it promotes energy and positivity. Ensure that you choose an activity that your client will enjoy and is also a convenient location for him or her.

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