7 Team Activities To Register Your Children For In Your New Town

Posted by on Sep 5 | 2016

When relocating with children, one of the most important things you can do is to register them in team activities as soon as possible. This is important for several reasons: if your children were registered in activities before, this will provide a sense of normalcy for them again in their new city. Registering them in team activities will also provide them with a sense of focus, which is particularly important as moving can be stressful for children. Finally, it will provide opportunities for your children to meet friends in their new town or city.

Team Activities For Your Kids In A New Town

Here are seven great team activities to register your children in as soon as you settle into your new location:

  1. Team Sports

    Team sports such as soccer, hockey, gymnastics or baseball are only a few of the many activities that will provide your children with the opportunity to develop team building skills and meet new friends.

  2. Beavers, Sparks, Girl Guides or Scouts

    Depending upon the age and gender of your child, programs such as Beavers or Sparks are excellent ways for your children to learn new life skills such as cooking and survival skills in the outdoors, to name only a few.

  3. Summer Camp

    If you are relocating during the summer months, day or overnight summer camps provide many opportunities for enrichment while children are not attending school. Summer camps often specifically focus on building social skills and activities that prove helpful in everyday life.

  4. Themed Clubs

    Most cities will offer a variety of clubs that children can become a part of. Some examples might include a book club or a tennis club.

  5. Dance

    Many children love to dance. This is a great way for children to learn or improve their skills in a group environment where they will also be able to meet new friends.There are many dance options as well, from ballet to tap to hip hop.

  6. Art Classes

    While art classes are not necessarily a ‘team’ activity, they are in a group setting where your children will still meet others while cultivating social skills like sharing. There are a range of art classes available, depending on your child’s preferences, from pottery to painting.

  7. Habitat for Humanity

    If your children are old enough, registering them in a non-for profit organization that specifically benefits disadvantaged members of the community can be beneficial for them.

Your move will be comfortable thanks to the assistance of your relocation company, but to your children, you’re still entering unfamiliar territory where they likely have few friends. The faster you can get them excited about their new town, the faster they’ll feel at home. For more information, visit Armstrong Moving today.



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