7 Activities To Enroll Your Children In To Get Them Comfortable In Their New Neighbourhoods

Posted by on Jul 11 | 2016

The process of moving can be a source of temporary stress for children as they adjust to a new city, a new school, a new peer group and a new neighbourhood. However, if your family has just moved, there are many ways to make your children more comfortable in their new environment. Putting forth an effort to make them comfortable will give them a sense of control and will ease them into becoming more comfortable at school and in other areas of their new neighbourhood. Here are nine great activities to enroll your children in to get them comfortable in their new environment.

Activities To Adjust Children To A New Neighbourhood

  1. Enroll Them in the Same Activities as Before.

    If you are moving to a new city, keeping your regular routine is one of the most important things you can do to allow your children to become more comfortable. Keeping the same routine also means enrolling your children in the same activities that they were in prior to moving. For example, if they were going to swimming lessons, ensure that you also enroll them in swimming lessons in their new city.

  2. Sign Up for Scouts/Brownies/Sparks/Beavers/Girl Guides.

    Depending upon the age and gender of your child, one of the best programs to enroll your child in is one of these guiding organizations. Activities in these programs are often exploratory in nature and will provide many opportunities for your child to get to know a wide range of new areas in his or her neighbourhood and city, including parks, schools and museums, to name only a few.

  3. Choose Community-Based Activities.

    Search your local newspaper for programs and activities offered by your own community, such as programs at children’s museums.

  4. Sign Up for Programs Offered by Your Local Library.

    Going to the library is very commonplace for children. Therefore, it can be beneficial to get them comfortable with this particular environment. Many libraries offer weekend programs and activities.

  5. Join the Recreation Center.

    YMCA, for example, offers many after-school and evening programs and activities for children to join. They can meet new friends while simultaneously getting comfortable with a place that will be a staple in their lives as well as explore outside areas.

  6. Enroll Them in a Local Day Camp.

    If you are moving during the summer months, it is a particularly great time to enroll your children in a local day camp. It is especially ideal if the camp is located near your home. Chances are your children will go on many mini-adventures around the city and neighbourhood, allowing them to be acquainted with new areas in a very fun environment.

  7. Consider Group/Team-Based Sports.

    Activities where children can be part of a team or a larger group – sports such as soccer, baseball or hockey are particularly ideal – will give your children the opportunity to meet new friends. Meeting new friends will be not only beneficial for them socially, but will also likely lead to more play dates in the future and thus more opportunities to become familiar with their new neighbourhood.

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