5 Websites To Find Daily Events In Your New Town

Posted by on Oct 3 | 2016

One of the best ways to get acquainted with your new town or city, network with business associates or meet new people is to attend daily events. Taking your children to these events is also a great way for them to become more comfortable with their new home. Here are five websites to find daily events in your new town.

Finding Events In Your New Town

  1. Eventsnearhere.com

    Eventsnearhere.com is one of the most useful websites for finding upcoming events in your area – especially children’s events. This website allows you to search by category, from fairs and festivals, to music, food and more. Within these categories, you can then search for children’s events. This is a great way to find events that may appeal to your children’s particular interests.

  2. Bookmyentry.com

    Bookmyentry.com is an events managagement website that provides a list of upcoming events in various cities worldwide. Simply type in the name of your city into the website’s search bear.

  3. Eventbrite.com

    Eventbrite.com allows you to search for various events in your particular area as well as the ability to search in relevant categories that you might be intereted in, including business, family and education. This website also allows you to search by specific dates, including daily events, weekend events or next week events.

  4. Facebook

    Facebook can be a very useful tool for those who are relocating. You can find ‘Groups’ that are specifically centered around events in your particular town or city. Here, you will find groups of likeminded people and their events, such as cyclists, cooking clubs, hiking groups and more. In addition, you can follow all relevant pages related to your new town and get updates directly to your newsfeed.

    You can also use Facebook to find events in your new town. You can do this by simply going to your newsfeed and clicking on “Events” on the left-hand column.

  5. Your New Town’s Official Website

    Not only will your town’s official website provide information about news events, but many of these official websites also provide updates about events happening in the city.

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