Three Things To Consider When Moving To A New Province

Posted by on May 2 | 2016

There are many things to consider when moving to a new province. Being well-prepared for a move can take a lot of the pressure off, and lead to things running smoothly when the time comes. Here are some things to keep in mind while preparing for, and during, a big move.

Moving To A New Province

  1. Do Your Paperwork

    It’s important to properly complete all change of address, and change of residency forms before moving. Once you know your new address, you should notify the following organizations:

    • Canada Post
    • Ministry of Health
    • Service Canada
    • Ministry of Transportation (the Ministry of Transportation will require you change your driver’s licence, as well as vehicle registration and license plates)
    • Canada Revenue Agency
    • Elections Canada (This will ensure you’re still properly registered to vote during an election)

    Other organizations you may need to contact include: Veteran’s affairs, Canada Pension Plan, and the Canadian Firearms centre, depending on your needs.

    It may be difficult to remember to contact all the proper organizations, especially during the stress of moving, but it’s incredibly important. Making a checklist, and completing it, will save you lots of time, hassle, and even money down the road.

  2. Check Your Health Care

    Figuring out how healthcare works while moving cross-province can be confusing, and depends how temporary or permanent your move is. To receive OHIP benefits, Ontario must be your primary place of residence. However, if you are temporarily travelling within Canada, you can still receive OHIP coverage, although there may be some restrictions.

    Assuming your move is long-term, or permanent, the best thing to do is to register for health insurance coverage as soon as you’ve moved to your new province.

    If you have family members that will be coming to visit you regularly, but not making the permanent move with you, they may want to look into private supplementary health insurance, depending on their needs.

  3. Give Yourself Peace of Mind

    The most overwhelming part of any move is, of course, the physical move. You want to make sure your belongings, valuable or otherwise, are treated with the utmost care during the move.

    At Armstrong Moving, our experienced relocation specialists will do everything they can to make your move hassle-free. Services include:

    • Packing
    • Vehicle Transportation
    • Customs and document assistance
    • Pet Relocation
    • Appliance Servicing
    • Fine Arts Services

    By your company choosing Armstrong Moving during your relocation, they’re taking away a huge amount of stress. The professionals at Armstrong take care of the physical parts of your move while you focus on getting yourself, and any family members that are joining you, settled in a new place.

When your company relocates you and your family with Armstrong Moving, you’ll have the essential steps of your move covered, and all other areas will be covered with great assistance.



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