How To Stay Positive About Moving Abroad

Posted by on Mar 28 | 2016

Moving abroad can stir up many emotions: excitement, trepidation, anticipation, and stress. These are all normal. For some, moving abroad may have been a long-term ambition or goal. Others may feel apprehensive about moving their whole life abroad. Either way, the emotional processes associated with moving abroad are always complicated, and can be conflicting.

Positive Attitude While Moving

Moving abroad takes us out of our comfort zone, away from the people and places we know and love, and can cause feelings of isolation and even depression. On the other hand, moving abroad can open you up to amazing new experiences, new people, and new possibilities within your company. You may think these feelings are mutually exclusive, but that’s not always the case. You may feel great one day, and unsure of your new surroundings the next. It’s somewhat expected to feel this way, but when you do, you may find solutions difficult to come by.

Here are some steps you can take to stay positive during a move abroad. Remember that it’s always important to talk to a professionals if you feel that you are suffering from depression.

  • Avoid the fantasy:
  • While many of us have fantasized about moving abroad- maybe imagining it as an adventure or an escape- fantasies may result in disappointment. There will be many amazing things about moving abroad, and you should absolutely enjoy them, but it’s important to be realistic and manage your expectations. It won’t be perfect, just as your life before the move wasn’t perfect. Knowing this will help you avoid disappointment, and get the most out of your new home.

  • Be kind to yourself:
  • Moving abroad means a lot of change, in every aspect of your life. You may feel pressure to immediately start enjoying yourself, or having exciting experiences. The reality is that you may feel lonely or sad during this time. Be understanding, and don’t put pressure on yourself. Acknowledge the many changes that are happening and be sensitive to your feelings about them. Don’t make yourself feel bad about taking the time to adjust to a new place.

  • Find a routine:
  • It may take a while, but finding activities and routines like you had before will help you feel more at home in a new place. For instance, if you took yoga classes before moving, try to find a studio near you. Even little things like finding your regular coffee shop will help you settle in.

The most important thing when dealing with emotional moves is to recognize if you need help. Professional moves are exciting experiences that have you see new parts of the country or the world and that allow you to grow within your role, but it can still be intimidating terrain to navigate. There are many ways to get help, including seeking therapy. If there is someone back home you would rather talk to, explore the idea of counselling or therapy over Skype. Even being open with family and friends can make a big difference in getting comfortable with your new home.



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