Five Surprising Benefits of Moving Abroad

Posted by on Nov 2 | 2015

Whether you’re temporarily moving abroad to open a new location for your company, or you’ve taken a higher position that requires you to permanently relocate, moving abroad offers many benefits that can open your eyes to new and exciting experiences which you simply can’t get back home.

Moving Abroad

If you’re ready to make the move to advance your career or better your business, it’s likely that you’re excited, but you may also be nervous. Don’t worry, moving to a new place in a country far away comes with great perks like:

  1. Better work opportunities:
  2. For many people, staying dormant in one position can be challenging. Even if you work for a great company, there may come a time where you find yourself at the top of the Canadian ladder with not much more room for improvement. Additionally, the North American economy is not as strong as it once was, especially in Canada, so striving for those better positions and higher paying opportunities may require a relocation.

    There may be better opportunities overseas that will lead to desired career advancements!

  3. New friends:
  4. Making friends is never easy, but when you move abroad you are forced to meet new people. You may not even know your neighbours at home right now but when you move away, you’ll likely become very familiar with your neighbourhood during your first few weeks. This is because when people newly relocate, they’re naturally inclined to try and create a ‘homey’ environment in their new surroundings, resulting in being open and friendly, which can lead to new, long-lasting friendships.

  5. Experience a different culture:
  6. Growing up in one place only gives you access to that culture. When you move abroad you can get a global perspective on the world by experiencing a different one. You may have preconceived, or even negative, notions about the culture of your new place of residence, but it’s almost guaranteed that this will be turned around once you live there. Plus, you can expose the new people you meet to the positives of your culture. It’s a win/win.

  7. Interesting and tasty food:
  8. The grass is always greener on the other side, and so is the food. When you move to a new place, you get to experience their exciting cuisine and eat delicacies you’d never have gotten to enjoy where used to live.

  9. Grow:
  10. Change is good. Change is an important part of who we are. Sometimes by staying in the same place for too long, we can become accustomed to certain ways of life and have trouble experiencing personal growth. Although, there’s nothing wrong with living in one country all your life, when you move to a new place, you’ll get a different perspective on things and will grow as person.

Moving abroad is not for everyone, but kudos to you if you’re thinking of packing up and experiencing a new culture.



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