Can you Get Insurance Coverage for your Possessions during Cross Border Moves?

Posted by on Sep 14 | 2015

Many people who have not been through long distance relocation often find the process to be mysterious and confusing. If the move originates from another country, you have to clear customs before the moving company can complete the delivery to your new home. The situation can be further complicated when dealing with a moving company that does not handle safety and compliance properly.

Insurance Work & Cross-Border Moves

Cross-Border and International Moves

Goods coming into the country are typically held in bonded storage until custom releases them. Individuals are given a 24 hour notice once the truck arrives in the destination city, so it becomes your responsibility to show yourself at the nearest customs office to get your documentation reviewed before they can complete the customs clearance.

If your items are detained for inspection, you may have to pay additional charges that are added to the cost of your move. These charges are not always included in the original quote issued by the relocation company, so it is important that you prepare yourself for that – though only 10-25 percent of shipments are inspected for clearance.

Insuring your possessions

While including some wiggle room for unforeseen costs in your relocation budget is a smart move, it is just as important to insure your valuables so you have peace of mind throughout the move.
It is possible to get insurance cover for your valuables during cross-border moves, but only if you’re going with a professional relocation company like Armstrong Moving. The unexpected can happen, and when it does, the insurance coverage kicks in.

It is important that you get comprehensive valuation protection for your possessions against accidental loss or damage during the international move. There can be serious consequences if you work with bad movers who accuse you of making a bogus insurance claim in the unfortunate event that you notice anything valuable missing or damaged. To avoid such incidents, you should ask the following questions:

  • Does the company abide by the terms of the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers? A compliant company should provide you with a pamphlet or other documents outlining mover and customer rights and responsibilities, as well as mover liability for loss or damage, limitations on liability, and the charges imposed on different levels of liability.
  • Are they insured? If so, they should be able to provide you with the insurance company name and policy number so you can verify.
  • Do they have their own equipment and storage facilities, or rely on a sub-contractor to deliver the services?
  • Who is responsible for handling issues, such as claims settlements?
  • If your possessions have to stay in the vehicle overnight, will the truck be parked in a secure place?

Finally, you should find out whether the moving company has a Worker’s Compensation board Certificate. If not, you may be liable for any employee injury during the move.

For more information on insuring your belongings during long distance or overseas moves, contact the experts at Armstrong Moving today!



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