5 Ways to Embrace the Culture in a New Country

Posted by on Oct 26 | 2015

Millions of North Americans travel across the globe each year to visit new and exotic locations, but it can often be challenging for visitors to foreign countries to accept and embrace new customs and traditions given the short space of time they have available for their visit.

Embrace Culture

For business people that are moving to a new country for a new job role, there are a number of opportunities to become involved within the local culture. We’re taking a look at the five best ways to embrace the culture in a new country.

1. Commit to Research

Before moving to a new country, especially one in which you don’t speak the language, it’s important to research the local customs and review their traditions. There are now many sites online that provide travelers with information on their destination, and this information can be used to reduce the learning curve upon arrival.

2. Embrace Community Building Opportunities

When you arrive in the new country, you might find yourself wanting to spend as much time as possible with family, work friends or people that you know, but it’s important to also take an active role within the local community.

Only by taking on volunteer opportunities will you be able to experience an insight into the cultural heritage within a local area. This will allow you to meet other like-minded individuals and make improvements to your local community during your stay.

3. Invite Local Friends to Experience Your Culture

In additions to going out and experiencing all there is to offer within your local neighbourhood, you may wish to make connections within the local community by welcoming others to dinners at your home. You could invite local neighbours to enjoy a Canadian or American meal and help others to understand your culture while learning more on theirs.

4. Visit Museums and Art Exhibits

It’s important to get a sense of a location’s past before you can fully embrace its current traditions. Try within your first few weeks at the new location to visit local museums and art galleries. This will help you understand the people’s values and their journey to this point in time.

5. Have an Open Mind

Oftentimes, simply being willing to try new things at a moment’s notice can help you understand a local culture. Remember to keep an open mind throughout your time at your destination and you’ll become more relaxed and better able to take in everything the local community has to offer.

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