Tips For Moving Overseas With Pets

Posted by on May 15 | 2017

If you’re moving overseas with a pet, you have a variety of considerations – from vaccinations to documentation to making your companion as comfortable as possible during travel. Here are some tips to help you during your move:

 Moving Overseas With Pets

  • Look Into Documentation Well in Advance (At Least 6 Months If Possible)

    Each country has its own set of documentation requirements for animals in terms of custom laws. In some cases, it may take over six months to organize documentation, especially if that country has stricter rules (such as Japan). To ensure that your pet can travel with you, it is important to begin to make arrangements for your pet as soon as you know you’re moving. Overseas moving is always smoothest when planned out well in advance.

  • Consult Your Vet

    When it comes to overseas moving with a pet, it is important to consult with your vet. Your vet can offer further advice on vaccination requirements as he or she likely knows your animal well. Additionally, your vet can provide further information regarding how to protect your pet from potential diseases (or other problems, such as high humidity) that may be an issue in your new country. Similarly, if your animals are particularly prone to high anxiety and you are worried about how they will travel, you can also take this time to discuss how to calm your pet during travel.

  • Choose Direct Flights

    Although you may be tempted to choose a transfer flight to give your animal opportunity to stretch his or her legs, you want to minimize the possibility of potentially losing your pet during transfer. Direct flights will reduce your pet’s total travel time, too.

  • Contact Your Airline Directly

    Once you have scheduled your flights, the next step is to contact the airline and inquire about whether your particular pet qualifies for on-flight boarding or if he or she will have to be placed in cargo. Each airline has a different set of strict rules, so be sure to take this into consideration. You might also want to consider calling more than once to ensure that you are given the correct information the first time.

  • Plan For Travel Day

    Naturally, you will want to keep your pet comfortable during travel. First of all, ensure that you have a pet-friendly carrier that is comfortable for your pet. In most cases, the carrier needs to be large enough to allow your pet to stand up – but ensure that you contact your airline for exact specifications. If you pet is not used to his or her crate, acclimatize him or her well in advance by putting treats in it to minimize poor behaviour and/or anxiety on travel day.

    Also, be sure to exercise your pet prior to leaving for the airport so that he or she will be extra tired during travel. Additionally, just as you would for your child, keep a lot of snacks handy. Do not bring heavy toys that could injure your pet during the flight.

  • Consider A Professional Moving Company

    A professional moving company takes care of all aspects of your move, including proper documentation of your pets and ensuring that they arrive safely from point A to B.

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