Making Moving Easier for Pets

Posted by on Apr 28 | 2015

In the midst of a corporate relocation, sometimes the last thing on a person’s mind is the logistics of bringing their pets across the country, across the border, or simply to another city. It’s especially important to remember if you’re moving to another country that like anything else, there are numerous requirements (some of them quite strict), regarding the importation of dogs, cats, and other furry family members.

Making Moving Easier For Pets

Having everything ready to go long before your departure date will prevent any pitfalls, and keep you from having to call up a friend or relative at the last minute for help. While you likely have a lot of stress on your shoulders as far as the corporate scene is concerned, don’t forget about the tension your pet may feel about the move as well.

Animals get just as worked up about these kinds of things as humans, especially when moving to a new home in a completely different environment. Being around a lot of strangers can be draining for your hairy friend, so here are a few tips for making the transition easier for them.

Advice for a Fido-Friendly Move

Update their microchips
The last thing you want to worry about during and after the trip to your new home is losing your pet. Updating his or her’s microchip and owner tags with your family’s new address and phone number will allow someone to contact you in the event they come up missing. This is especially important for people moving from a small town to a large city, where the possibility of not finding missing pets is heightened.

Wait to pack your pet’s belongings last
It may seem counterintuitive to not stow all of your household possessions sooner rather than later, including those of your cat or dogs, doing so too early may cause anxiety in your pet. Letting them spend as much time as possible with their familiar items before putting them en route is a good idea for keeping their stress levels down.

Take them in for a check-up
Many countries want to see proof of recent vaccinations and health tests on file before letting pets across the border. Therefore, it would be wise to take yours to the vet to ensure they are both healthy and up-to-date on any needed shots.

You can do a lot to keep you and your pet’s mood happy and healthy by following the above tips. That upcoming corporate relocation does not have to be the stress-filled event many make it out to be for you or your pet.



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