New Technology To Improve Long Distance Communication

Posted by on Mar 1 | 2017

In 2003, the video-chat program Skype changed the way we way we communicate – particularly with others who weren’t in close proximity to us. It greatly impacted online dating, long-distance friendships, and family communication because it became possible to communicate with other people in real-time. Of course, technology is increasing at a rapid pace, and it is only natural that technology will continue to advance even further.

Technology Long Distance Communication

Microsoft’s Room2Room project: projected augmented reality

One of the most recent advancements in the way we communicate with others is with Microsoft’s Room2Room project. It is particularly noteworthy because it will be one of the first pieces of technology to use augmented reality. This is how it will work: A life size, 3D version of yourself will be projected onto an empty chair, tracking your movements in real-time. It gives the illusion that two people are actually in the same room together. The idea is that the technology is supposed to create more “meaningful” interaction because you can see their non-verbal cues.

The reason why projects like this one are superior to older methods of communication such as Skype is because it allows you to get a better read on body language and other nonverbal cues. While this technology is still in its early stages, the implications for long-distance communication are immense.

“Touch” technology

Touch technology products allow you to feel physically closer to someone else by providing a simulation of their touch. Now, this isn’t something you would use in your next business meeting, but these products (which are already on the market!) are potentially very useful supplements for people living away from loved ones. For example, long-distance touch lamps can be shared by two people in two completely different geographical locations. If one person touches the lamp, the other lamp will light up so your loved ones know you are thinking of them.

Post projected augmented reality

While we do not yet have access to the the above Room2Room technology, it is interesting to consider where it could go next once it becomes a reality. One possibility is that this technology will become accessible on our smartphones, bridging the distance gap even further.

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