How To Deal With Language Barriers When Relocating

Posted by on Nov 7 | 2016

A language barrier can make the process of relocating daunting, but there are some simple steps you can take to make for a smooth transition – and ensure you are able to perform your job and engage in the community with ease.

Dealing With Language Barriers When Relocating

  • Do some research before you move: Taking time to learn the basics of the language, such as being able to read street signs, order from a menu or to ask for directions, can minimize some of the frustration that can arise from not being able to communicate effectively.
  • Download Google Translate on your smartphone: If you are not interested in learning the language or do not have time to do so, downloading Google Translate onto your mobile phone can be very useful when you are looking to communicate with someone on a basic level. Google translate not only allows you to translate words and phrases into another language, but it also allows you to take pictures of text and then translate it into your language of choice.

Learning A New Language:

Attempting to learn the language of your new home can make adjusting to a new country or province much easier. Here are some tips for learning a new language:

  1. Take a multi-tiered Approach

    There are different approaches you can take to learn a new language. Taking a language class, for example, or finding a language partner are great places to start. Even downloading a language app and practicing for as little as 20 minutes a day can be beneficial to your language progress.

  2. Practice

    Whether you find a language partner to practice with, or choose to go out on the town with the intent to speak to others and hear others speak the language, practicing is essential to success.

  3. Perseverance

    Your initial excitement to learn or even master a new language will be ineffective without perseverance. For example, you will likely encounter locals attempting to speak to you in English. Even though they mean well, your perseverance in pressing on in the local language will serve you well. Similarly, eventually you will reach a language plateau, but continuing on will be necessary.

Relocating while dealing with a language barrier can be stressful, but Armstrong Moving can make the transition much easier. We will take care of everything you need to move, including packing all of your possessions, transporting your vehicles, relocating your pets, as well as everything that has to do with customs and other documentation. Contact us today for more information.



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