Helpful Tips For Winter Moves

Posted by on Feb 12 | 2016


Moving during winter months can seem like a pretty daunting task. Between snowstorms, hazardous driving conditions and slippery walkways, there are a lot of things to consider.

Here are some winter moving tips that can help make this a seamless process.

  • Get your new home ready - The days in winter are much shorter and much colder; no heat makes for a very cold move in. You will want to make sure you call your new utilities company and get your lights and heat turned on and ready for use before your arrival.
  • Allow for scheduling delays – Winter may be better on the wallet, but it’s nothing if not unpredictable. In the winter season you always want to give your move schedule a bit of leeway.  You want to take into consideration extended travel times because of possible winter weather hazards and road closures.
  • Clear snow from walkways – You want to make sure to clear the snow from walkways ahead of time.  Whether you are moving yourself or you hire professionals this is a must.  Guaranteeing safety is of utmost importance.  If someone is carrying your antique bookcase and slips on ice not only will your furniture be broken but someone could be seriously injured. You may also want to have shovels and salt available throughout the move to keep things clear of ice.
  • Clear lanes and driveways – You want to make sure there is a clear area for your movers to park the trucks. This can be true for any season, but there are extra factors to worry about in the winter.  Make sure snow is shoveled away and no other cars are in the way so the truck can be parked in the most convenient spot





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