Armstrong Moving Unveils “The Red Envelope” program

Posted by on Dec 4 | 2015

The “Red Envelope” is Armstrong Moving’s solution to keeping your custom documents and other important paper work in one safe and organized place. It’s easily identifiable and notifies our packing crews that anything placed in the red envelope should not be packed away in boxes. We have implemented this tool to respond to our customers’ needs when they are relocating overseas or cross border.

We are currently the first moving company to have such a solution in place. This is simply one more example of how Armstrong Moving continues to strive in offering service excellence to our clients and continues to be a leader within the relocation industry.

Red env exposed


• Reduces the risk of customers misplacing or losing important documents
• Minimizing the accidental packing of documents during the moving process
• Easily identifiable for our crews
• Convenient for our customers
• Documents will be readily accessible for client to present to custom agents

A while ago we discovered that on a few occasions customers encountered issues with important documents that were accidentally packed or misplaced. That in turn caused some situations to become stressful when clients tried to cross the border and realized that they did not have their passports or other important documents.

Furthermore, this created a chain reaction where multiple levels of the van lines including coordinators, drivers and operation staff would attempt to try and retrieve the original documents for the customer. As you can imagine this is not an easy task and can become very labour intensive and costly. Reason being that once household goods are loaded onto a moving truck it is very difficult to identify exactly where on the truck they are located-as there will be many boxes and furniture. Also if the truck is in transit where the driver is making deliveries or picking up shipments for other customers, delays in being able to gain access to the vehicle to complete a search are certain. This leads to increased stress for clients who are already in a situation where they and their families are trying to deal with the challenges that come from relocating.

Knowing that our goal is to provide the best in service to our clients; Armstrong employees came up with the simple but very effective solution of having the red envelope. This tool is now provided to our clients that are moving cross border or overseas by an Armstrong Moving surveyor at the time of the visual survey.

We are confident that by implementing the red envelope strategy it will only help to enhance the quality of service to our customer and will provide a positive move experience every time.

Documents that should be placed inside the envelope include:
• Passports
• Work visa/ I-94
• Letters of employment
• Green cards
• Birth certificates
• Marriage licences
• Vehicle import documents
• Declaration for Free Entry form ( 3299)

To learn more about this or other services we offer please feel free to contact us and one of our knowledgeable corporate coordinators will be happy to assist you.

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