Stay In Touch With These Five Distance-Conquering Apps

Posted by on Jul 6 | 2015

One of the toughest parts of a move is the separation from your family and friends. When you’re relocating to an unfamiliar city for business purposes, it’s easy for even the busiest professionals to feel lonely.

Apps To Help You Stay In Touch

Take advantage of these apps to help bridge the distance of those back home. While there’s nothing like the real thing, these apps will get you pretty close.

  1. Skype
  2. Skype is one of the most obvious, and the most popular, long distance communication apps. Skype’s most useful feature is free video calling, which allows you to be face to face with your loved ones through group calls, or one on one video chat, no matter where you are in the world. Skype also offers file sharing and instant messaging, as well as low mobile rates if you want to stick to the phone while ditching the long-distance charges.

  3. Facetime
  4. If you have a Mac product (like an iPhone, Mac computer, or iPad) then you already have Facetime. You don’t even need to set up an account, just open the app and make the call.

    Like Skype, Facetime works over Wi-Fi and is used to make video calls. With an iPhone, Facetime is great to use on the go. Thanks to the iPhone’s dual cameras, you can alternate between showing the person you’re talking to your own face, as well as the things that you’re seeing. Almost like you’re both there in person!

  5. Whatsapp
  6. Facetime and iMessaging are great for iPhone users, but what do you do if you have an Android and your significant other back home has a Blackberry? Whatsapp offers multiplatform messaging, which means it works on all mobile devices. Since Whatsapp works over Wi-Fi or data, you aren’t risking any SMS fees. Send individual or group messages, pictures and videos, no matter what gadget you’re using.

  7. Avocado
  8. Long distance romantic relationships are daunting; Avocado does its part by being a social network for two. With their slogan for four eyes only, Avocado allows you to share photos of where you are, send messages throughout the day, use the calendar feature to schedule Skype calls, make to-do lists, send reminders, and more. Plus it works for Android, iPhone, and Web, to make you and your significant other feel close even when miles apart.

  9. Snapchat
  10. Snapchat may have a reputation for being mostly used by teens, but that simply makes it the perfect way to keep in touch with your kids throughout the day!

    Used mainly as a photo-sharing app, you can also send video and chat face-to-face. Another fun feature is the ability to snap your story—just tap one button to send your whole day to your friends and family. It’s a fun, easy way to keep connected, no matter where you are.

Long-distance national or international moves away from your family and friends will get you tech-savvy in no time! These apps help you connect in ways both meaningful and lighthearted. It’s the little things that matter, and with these apps you can have that conversation when you need it most, or send that photo to send a smile to your loved one’s face.



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