Vehicle Transportation During Relocation

Posted by on May 5 | 2015

Depending on how many vehicles your family owns and how far you are traveling, it may be more cost-effective to ship instead of drive them. The fuel expenses, along with wear and tear on your car, are definitely something to take into consideration, particularly if your relocation involves moving a couple thousand miles or more away from home.

Vehicle Transportation

Of course, entrusting your vehicle in the hands of a professional moving company is no small matter. You want to make sure the company hauling your car is adequately licensed, insured, and implements strict quality control measures to prevent accidental damage. With your corporate relocation now in full effect, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with having a professional transport your vehicle.

Transporting your car to another country

Create a realistic shipping budget
Many car owners don’t do enough research before committing to a specific carrier. Prices vary greatly among shipping companies; some may charge additional fees to pick up and drop off your vehicle, which is obviously an important consideration.

Perform rate comparisons approximately 6-8 weeks prior to your moving date to secure the best deal, and be sure to allow some wiggle room in your budget in case you have to spend a bit more for extra services.

However even better than comparison shopping is having your relocation specialist handle the details for you. They’ll have the knowledge of companies who will be able to not only have a reasonable cost, but who can be trusted to safely relocate your vehicle.

Read the fine print
Take a careful look at the carrier’s liability policy. You will need to know exactly how much damage the company will cover, as well as what their insurance deductibles are. The industry standard is anywhere from $50,000-$100,000, with some carriers providing coverage limits up to $250,000. Choose the amount that will replace the value of your automobile(s) in the event of total loss.

Although the risk of an accident occurring when your vehicle is being transported by a reputable carrier is low, it is always wise to err on the safe side.

Keep your car protected from Mother Nature
If you live in or are moving to a region prone to inclement weather, consider having your vehicle top-loaded or fully enclosed in a trailer. The rates run a bit higher for these services, but the protection and peace of mind offered are well worth the added investment. Damage from hail and road debris can be detrimental to any car, but when it comes to a vintage or luxury automobile, this is one chance to never take.

Taking before and after photographs of your car is another way to safeguard your interest, although industry-wide, the overall damage ratio is a mere 3%. Put your mind at ease by hiring a carrier that has years of experience in the vehicle transportation field.



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