Four Things Not to Pack on your Cross-Border Move

Posted by on Aug 17 | 2015

If moving day necessitates crossing the border from Canada to the United States, you’ll definitely want to keep some things in mind as it relates to what you pack for the journey.

While there are some obvious things that you would be better off not trying to take across the border (like firearms), there are less obvious items that won’t escape the attention of border officials. Since you could be hit with extra fees from your moving company if packing errors on your part lead to delays, it’s advised to educate yourself on what not to bring.

Packing For Cross-Border Move

Read on for four things not to pack for your cross-border move for suggestions that will certainly make moving day a little less stressful!

Watch that sweet tooth

It may seem a tad silly, but your sweet tooth could wind up getting you in the border official’s bad book.

For instance, Kinder Eggs, those tasty egg-shaped chocolate goodies that each contain a little toy inside, won’t be able to cross the border with you. The reason for this is that the toy inside each Kinder Egg presents a choking hazard, and as such are banned from the States.

Beware of meat

It’s best to avoid packing altogether meat since there are so many restrictions. For example, you can’t import fresh, dry or canned meat or food that contains meat.

Instead of potentially facing border delays, throw a barbecue for friends before leaving, or consider giving away whatever meat you have on hand before heading cross-border.

Scrap the firewood

If you’re accustomed to using a fireplace and want to take some leftover wood with you to use in the U.S., think again! Firewood is surprisingly a big no-no in terms of cross-border transportation. Instead, look for a wood provider close to where you’ll be staying in the States.

Leaf the plants behind

While you may have a green thumb, that won’t persuade border officials to let you to take your plants into the U.S. The reason for this is that there is a prohibition against bringing soil to the U.S. from Canada, and the only exception is if you have an import permit. As a result of the soil rule, you need to ensure that anything you’ve packed for the move is free of any soil residue that will attract the attention of border officials.

When planning a cross-border move, be sure to leave behind anything that will hold up time and possibly even cost you money. At Armstrong Moving, we can answer any questions about what is safe to bring and what should definitely not be on your list of things to take. Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation consultation!



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