7 Tips To Talk To Your Family About A Corporate Relocation

Posted by on Nov 27 | 2017

Relocations can be an exciting and enriching prospect, but not all family members always feel the same way. If you truly believe that the corporate relocation is in the best interest of your family, it is important that you approach the subject with caution. Be patient. Here are some tips to navigate this discussion.

Relocation Family Discussion

1. Acknowledge That It’s A Joint Decision

Your spouse needs to be onboard with the relocation before anyone. However, spouses often feel that they do not have a decision in the matter – it is common for them to feel voiceless. This can create even more resistance. Acknowledging that it’s a joint decision gives as much power to them.

2. Acknowledge The Sacrifices

When speaking to your spouse, it is important to acknowledge the sacrifices that he or she will have to make. If you don’t point them out, your spouse will do it for you, and it can be difficult to gain momentum again because they are already focused on the challenges.

3. Talk About The Benefits to the Entire Family: Provide the Hard Numbers

Will the relocation allow you to move up and therefore benefit your entire family? It’s important to frame the relocation in a way that it benefits the entire family – this can make your spouse (and even your older children) much more open to the idea. Supporting your claims with hard numbers can help you to build your case more substantially.

4. Mention Your Corporate Relocation Package

According to Atlas Van Lines, more than half of all firms cite spouse employment as a reason why employees decline relocations. Corporate relocation services, however, are designed to make it easier on spouses by offering employment assistance and many other perks. Mention these.

5. For Children: Emphasize How Things Will Stay the Same

How you handle a relocation prior to moving can have a big impact on how your children adapt. For younger children, it is important to emphasize how things will stay the same (for example, their toys will come with them) and so on. It is also important to be positive about the relocation.

6. Suggest a Trial Trip (Eventually)

While you want to give your spouse time to think about the relocation before you mention visiting for the weekend, having this in your back pocket can create alleviate fears that your spouse may have about living in a new place. It can also create excitement for your children.

7. Mention A Professional Moving Company

Your spouse may also be overwhelmed with not only potentially leaving his or her family and job, but also with the additional logistical challenges that accompany moving. Therefore, you should mention that you plan to hire a professional moving company when it comes time to relocate.

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