Tips For Moving Overseas With Pets

Posted by on May 15 | 2017

If you’re moving overseas with a pet, you have a variety of considerations – from vaccinations to documentation to making your companion as comfortable as possible during travel. Here are some tips to help you during your move: Look Into Documentation Well in Advance (At Least 6 Months If Possible) Each country has its own set of documentation requirements for animals in terms of custom laws. In some cases, it may take over six months to organize documentation, especially if that country has stricter rules (such… Read More


Making Moving Easier for Pets

Posted by on
Apr 28 | 2015

In the midst of a corporate relocation, sometimes the last thing on a person’s mind is the logistics of bringing their pets across the country, across the border, or simply to another city. It’s especially important to remember if you’re moving to another country that… Read More



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