Options For Relocating Your Car

Posted by on Jun 19 | 2015

Relocating your car can be the toughest part of moving. Once you’ve packed all of your things and hired a moving service, it’s time to decide how you’ll transport your largest, and likely most valuable, item.

Relocation of Car

There are a number of options for relocating your car, each with its own benefits and which should be considered according to your needs.

The following will help you determine which option is best for you to ensure that your car is relocated safely and efficiently.

Do It Yourself

This option can seem like the easiest way to relocate your car, but it may end up costing you more in time, energy, and money.

Driving your car over long distances is expensive when you consider the time required and cost of fuel. It also adds a lot of miles to your automobile, significantly reducing its value in a short amount of time.

If you decide to relocate your car yourself, you’ll need to coordinate the time required to reach your destination along with the transport of your furniture and other items.

Hire a Professional Service 

Using a professional moving service saves your time and guarantees that your car will arrive in its original condition.There are services that specialize in transporting automobiles and have the tools and expertise to protect your car during a move.

For many, the service is worth the investment when they consider the distance they’ll be traveling. The type of car, weight and size, insurance needs, and other factors determine the price of transport, but if you’re going with an all-in-one relocation company like Armstrong Moving, you’ll be able to get incredible value and security.

What to Consider

Transporting your car requires you to consider a number of factors that lead to a smooth and easy transport.

You’ll need to inspect your car before it is transported. Your moving service can provide a report to make sure that all details have been documented, should you choose that option.

Determine the condition of the car and inspect its exterior, windows, seats, and mileage. Having these details documented gives you something to refer to when you arrive at your new location.

Some companies work with a third-party automobile mover. Inquiring if your moving company uses its own trucks lets you determine the best option.

Another full inspection should be performed once your car has been delivered. Any damage should be noted and cross checked against the inspection performed before the move.

Relocating your car yourself can end up costing you more time and money than you might expect. Take the time to consider using a moving service while taking the steps to ensure that your vehicle is fully protected!



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