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Armstrong Moving Move for Hunger

Move for Hunger is a charity organization created and managed by relocation industry professionals, based on a simple but ingenious idea: moving companies help their customers send unwanted food during the moving process to local food banks.

Armstrong Moving proudly participates in the Move for Hunger program. Our industry is quite seasonal in that most people tend to move in the summer months. The summer is usually a time when the Food Bank’s inventories are lower. This is a perfect fit for everyone! At Armstrong, we also run various food drives throughout the year with our dedicated, engaged staff. We have donated over 20,000 lbs of food to this wonderful program.

Armstrong Moving Social Services

Tree Canada is a well-known organization dedicated to building communities and promoting green living. This organization connects with governments, corporations and individuals to plant over 78-million trees across our country.

In an effort to offset some of the emissions that result from corporate moves, Armstrong Moving supports Tree Canada. We allocate funds each and every year to support Tree Canada and their planting initiatives. As a company, we’re committed to affecting positive environmental change, one tree at a time.

World Vision

World Vision is perhaps one of the most prolific charitable organizations in the world. Each year, they help thousands of families living in marginalized areas of the globe. Because of the international nature of our business, Armstrong Moving lends its full support to World Vision and all its initiatives. We do our best to be supportive, contributing members of the global economy.

Talent Beyond Boundaries

Talent Beyond Boundaries was the first organization in the world to pioneer talent mobility for displaced people. Its collaborative approach is the fastest and best route to a more equitable system; one that extends life-changing opportunities to displaced people everywhere. Armstrong Moving is a proud partner of Talent Beyond Boundaries, together to create talent mobility pathways for refugees which could enable more than a million people to achieve security and self-sufficiency in the next decade.

Move for Hunger
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World Vision
Talent Beyond Boundaries
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